Our services

This basic CONCEPT, adapted to the needs of modern industry and improved by:

- cost optimization,
- reliability of utilization,
- and the longevity of equipment…

has given rise to :


Proper MAINTENANCE, whether continious or periodic, is the result of combination of multiple disciplines joining together :

- diagnostic precision,
- procedural and program implementation,
- preparation of documents and data,
- elaboration of strategies and policies,
- folow-trough, supervision and control…

These elements, in turn, reflect the need for an adequate SUPPLY SYSTEM, whose principal components are:



Because of the know-how they imply, these different elements constitute a complexprocess which requires careful planning and execution. This is where LOGMIP intervenes.

LOGMIP INTERNATIONAL, an international maintenance and supply company, buys, stocks, follows and distributes the spare parts, equipement and goods necessary for the smooth functioning of various industrial concerns located in and outside France.

In collaboration with a group whose primary interest,is in MAINTENANCE TECHNIQUES as well in association with oil companies and with the support of the BFP and the Banque Française du Commerce Exterieur, LOGMIP has developed a solid experience in exportation.

Since the diversity of builders, the many nationalities of the the foremen involved, and their geographical dispersion make the establishment of a coherent economical purchasing policy particularly difficult, LOGMIP’s supply policy elaborated from statistical and consumer information gathered from different units in various contries, constitutes the concerstone of this logistic structure.

This policy is based on tur-over rates which allow obtaining special manufacturing discounts. These high-volume rates also permit rapid repair thanks to the quality of material available, as well as a reduction of client backlog and costs.

LOGMIP provides service in the following ways :
as a:

- PURCHASING CENTER, offering competitive prices through large supply volume, or by means of a

- SUPPLY AGREEMENT, elaborated from forecasts furnished by the client with ordering and prefinancing by LOGMIP after price comparaison and establishment of an appropriate turn-over rate, or with a

- GROUPING CONTACT, financed according to the “cost and fees” formula, or through an

- EXPRESS REPAIR SYSTEM, hand-tailored to clients needs.

An important part of LOGMIP‘s offer, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT is the key to our future development. Based on software combining “real-time” and “conversational language”, LOGMIP‘s information management system ensures the co-ordination of all company operations : commercial, administrative accounting, stock control and general management.

While we do not pretend to “know all”, we do make every effort to give to give the best service possible. Wethout hesitation, we can affirm that our aim is to: