About us

LOGMIP INTERNATIONAL, an international maintenance and supply company, buys, stocks, follows and distributes the spare parts, equipements and goods necessary for the smooth functioning of various industrial concerns located in and outside of France.
In collaboration with a group whose primary interest, is in TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE as well in association with oil companies and with the supportof the BFP and the Banque Française du Commerce Exterieur, LOGMIP has developped a solid experience in exportation.

Since the diversity of builders, the many notionalities of the formen involved, and their geographical dispersion make the establishment of a coherent economical purchasing policy particulary difficult, LOGMIP’s supply policy elaborated from statistical  and consumer information gathered from different units in various countries, constitutes the cornerstone of this logistic structure.

This policy is based on turnover rates wich allow obtaining special manufacturing discounts. These high-volume rates also permit rapid repairs thanks to the quality of materials available, as well as a reduction customwritings com of client backlog and cost